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Many sales only deferred amid outbreak

Analysts say the majority of customers who have disappeared from showrooms are simply waiting for a period of more stability and economic confidence -- and in many states, for orders keeping them at home to be lifted.

In a crisis, lead yourself then others

The big decisions facing auto industry bosses right now require self-awareness and self-management to effectively lead in a time of crisis.

Outbreak will hit buy-sell market

Activity is expected to fall this year amid the coronavirus outbreak, but is likely to heat up again by the end of the year, industry experts say.

Auto parts repurposed to build up health arsenal

The coronavirus pandemic has put automakers in a position similar to wartime, but lifesaving medical devices are needed instead of tanks and weapons.

The No. 1 reason to go electric is safety

A front trunk rather than an internal-combustion engine is key to lowering serious injury.